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Cell Therapy Manufacturing & QC test and release capablities

aCGT Vector’s focus is Cellular Therapy, rapidly evolving as a therapeutic procedural approach that brings promise to patients, their families and clinicians; for the treatment of rare diseases, most critically cancer. Less than 5% of patients suffering from rare diseases today have any therapeutic option available to them. 

aCGT Vector’s Cellular Therapy procedures will involve collecting patients‘ own immune cells and bringing them safely to its GMP facility inside the hospital for process engineering and potential exponential expansion in volume, to make these immune cells more strategically effective, before being administered back into the same patient, on average up to 4 weeks later.

Access to Cell Therapy Commercialisation Team

in a Point-of-Care Cancer Hospital Network Setting within the First Centre in St. James’s Hospital Dublin; to be Rapidly Deployed using Modular POD-Integrating-Technology-Platform, on Securing Projects, to Galway and Cork, across the EU, UK and into the US.

Access to GMP-Like and GMP Licenced Point-of-Care ATMP Cleanroom

Using Automated Closed-System Single-Use Manufacturing Technology Platform for Standardisation and Commercialisation of Cellular Processes Along the Commercialisation Continuum:

  • Experimental Pre-Clinical Cell Therapy Manufacturing and QC Test/Release Programs in GMP-Like Conditions
  • Investigational GMP Cell Therapy Clinical Manufacturing and QC Test/Release Programs
  • Approved GMP Cell Therapy Manufacturing and QC Test/Release Programs

Access to Secure Anonymised Cloud-Based Digital Collation

of Incoming Patient and Patient Outcome Data Aligned to Manufacturing and QC Analytical Data for Real-Time Release and Interpretation of Therapeutic Performance

Access to Cell and Gene Therapy QC Capabilities in Close Partnership with Providers

Access to Clinical Research Facility

Patients, Principal Investigators, Clinical Nurse and Clinicians to Run Clinical Trials.



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